Enamel Panels for Buildings

Vitreous Enamel Cladding Panels for Buildings

Vitreous enamel cladding supplied by TECO is widely used in commercial buildings as well as infrastructure projects around the world. Its finish is resistant to acidic and alkaline chemicals. As a result, VE panels are impervious to UV rays and extreme weather conditions. Besides, there are other benefits of VE panels, such as impact resistance, non-combustibility, and low maintenance cost. Therefore, compared with other cladding materials, VE cladding is more ideal for both interior and exterior cladding materials.

In addition, VE cladding panels are manufactured in various sizes. They can also be customized with unique designs and prints. In other words, graphics and logos can be printed on VE panels with a virtually unlimited color range which is able to last for decades. Undoubtedly, VE wall cladding panels are more durable than any other architectural cladding materials.

You can find some of our vitreous enamel wall cladding projects below in building façade applications.