KAWADA Technologies, Inc., Tokyo Japan

Silkscreen Pattern | Area: 200m² | Year of Completion: 2012

Kawada Technologies, Inc., located in Tokyo, Japan, is a holding company of the KTI Kawada Group. Kawada Technologies, Inc. is mainly responsible for planning and executing of medium and long term management strategies for KTI Kawada Group.

TECO fabricated 200m2 of vitreous enamel panels for this refurbishment project to install new exterior wall cladding panels on their company building. Besides, KTI wanted to put their company logo on the top of this building with blue and white stripe patterns at different heights to show the gradation effect. TECO used silkscreen printing to achieve the required patterns of the logo and stripes on the VE wall cladding panels.  There are also some plain blue and white VE panels below these feature artwork VE panels to match the patterns. KTI is very impressed with the outstanding feature artwork VE panels fabricated by TECO. These VE panels also bring KTI much more panel durability than any other wall cladding materials.