HIWIN Technologies Corp., Taiwan

Area: 16,000m² | Year of Completion: 2011

HIWIN Technologies Corp., Taiwan is a public listed Taiwanese company that manufactures machinery components. It was founded in 1989 and is based in Taichung, Taiwan. The company is well-known for manufacturing linear guideways, ball spline, and ball screws and it’s the 2nd biggest ball screw manufacturer in the world.

TECO fabricated 16,000 m2 of white and grey vitreous enamel panels for this project. They were installed as exterior wall cladding for their headquarter buildings. Vitreous enamel panels have glossy appearances like glass and stain resistance properties similar to porcelain panels. However, unlike glass and porcelain panels, VE panels won’t get cracked due to the strength of their steel substrate beneath vitreous enamel coatings. Hence, they are much safer than glass and porcelain panels for wall cladding applications. Moreover, vitreous enamel wall cladding panels are highly resistant to acid, alkali, and sunlight. In addition, TECO can custom-made vitreous enamel panels in various shapes and sizes according to customers’ design requirements just like the special bullet shape design of the guardhouse at the HIWIN headquarters entrance. With these advantages from TECO VE panels, HIWIN headquarters always look gorgeous and still remain like a brand new complex even it has been constructed for more than a decade.