Plastics Industry Development Center, Taiwan

Area: 3,100m² | Year of Completion: 2018

Plastics Industry Development Center was established in 1993. It was funded by the government and plastics industry to assist the plastics industry and accelerate the advancement of plastics technology. With the concept of “From medical needs to product” as their biomedical material developing process, they expect to look deeper into the problems that occurred during medical treatments. Proposing the solution to develop innovative new materials with a niche market.

In 2018, TECO fabricated 3,100m² of white vitreous enamel panels for the new building of PIDC’s biomedical division. They were installed as external wall cladding where low maintenance is required. VE panels have a completely non-porous surface. Therefore, dirt can hardly stay on it and can be removed easily comparing to other wall cladding finishes. VE panels are Class one grade non-combustible material, which provides unrivaled safety performance for the building wall cladding.