E-TEN Information Systems Co., Ltd., Taiwan

Area: 1,500m² | Year of Completion: 2002

E-TEN Information Systems Co., Ltd, was an electronics manufacturing company in Taiwan, specializing in handheld devices such as smartphones. In March 2008, Acer acquired E-TEN. After the buyout, Acer sold out E-TEN’s company building to Delta Electronics, Inc. in 2011. Now it is the office building for Delta Electronics Foundation.

The building was designed to use glass and vitreous enamel panels as curtain wall claddings. TECO supplied 1,500m² of white vitreous enamel panels for this project in the Year 2002. They were installed one layer of VE panels by one layer of glass. The completion building looks spectacular and modern. This building still looks like a brand new one as its curtain wall claddings, TECO VE panels, always remain their original appearance even after 20 years of use due to their good durability performance.