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Allen from TECO again. In our previous two posts, we talked about panel flatness issues and color deviation issues. In this post, I would like to introduce you to the finished appearance of VE panels. There are two important things I would like to bring to you here – Coating Thickness and Surface Defects.

Coating Thickness

Thin vitreous enamel coatings are desirable to provide maximum resistance to damage from flexure. However, processing methods and desired appearance characteristics may result in variations of the recommended minimum thickness of the coating.

A minimum 89 microns of cover coat will normally provide acceptable durability. The total thickness may range from 127-508 microns, depending upon the process and appearance.

The optimal enamel coating thickness we suggest is 180~400 microns. In my past experience, insufficient coating thickness could lead to poor chemical resistance. However, over coating thickness could lead to a poor finished appearance like orange peel, or increased enamel chipping risks.

Surface Defects

Dimples, Lumps, Crazing, and Black Speck are common enamel surface defects. Raw materials in high quality, advanced production equipments, and professional quality personnel are the key factors to minimize defect risk and improve panel surface quality.

Choosing a good panel manufacturer who strictly implements quality control processes is the only way to make sure your VE panels come to you with a good finished appearance.

Here, let me give you a briefing about how TECO control panel finished appearance during production.

After both the ground coating and cover coat firing processes, TECO quality control inspectors check EVERY PIECE of the panels by a coating thickness gauge, as well as check the surface finish by a visual inspection. Reworking will be done if any panel does not comply with the coating thickness requirement or has any surface defect issues.


TECO is using an Elcometer coating thickness gauge as one of our quality control devices. For more than sixty years, Elcometer has been a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings industry.


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