Colorfast comparison between vitreous enamel coating and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating


The vitreous enamel coating is for sure one of the most colorfast coatings for wall cladding!!!

You can find the two projects below to compare the colorfastness between vitreous enamel coating and Fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating.

    • Below is Google Maps screenshot on Jan 28, 2023

    • Below is Google Maps screenshot on Jan 28, 2023

From the photos above, we can hardly see any color change on the red vitreous enamel panels 12 years after the project was completed. However, we can easily tell a significant color difference on fluorocarbon (PVDF) aluminum panels. The bright red finish has turned to a light red finish 14 years later.

Project 1 locates at the seaside. The red vitreous enamel panels were installed on a building very close to the seashore — less than 100 meters away. Hence, the high salt-laden atmosphere attacks these VE panels all the time during these 12 years. Even though such a harsh environment, the bright red panel color remains like the original one.

Project 2 used fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating from a leading US supplier. Acid rain (sulfuric acid) can attack cadmium pigment and turn it from red to white to yellow to black over 3-5 years. Hence, in addition to PVDF coating, the panel manufacturer also applied a clear coat on the top of PVDF coating to provide better protection. Unfortunately, these fluorocarbon aluminum panels still start fading a few years after installation.

We learned from the above two projects that, in terms of color persistence, vitreous enamel coating finish has a much better performance than fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating finish. Taiwan is an island and a highly industrialized country. Most building facades suffer from salt air and acid rain attacks. Choosing a colorfast coating type, like vitreous enamel coating, can save you a lot of future costs for unnecessary maintenance and replacement as well as keep your building facade color unchanged even after many decades.

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