The artwork VE panel projects done by TECO in Singapore MRT Downtown Line!

Durable and graceful artwork VE panels in Singapore metro stations

Hi! We would like to share a video with you to show our artwork VE panels in Singapore MRT projects. Below is the video we took for you.


As a vitreous enamel panel manufacturer, TECO not only supplies VE panels in a single color but also supplies VE panels with patterns and graphics. We call them artwork VE panels or graphic VE panels. Inorganic inks are used for artwork/graphic printings on VE panels. After we print patterns and graphics on enamel finish by silkscreen printing or digital printing process, we fuse them to enamel coating by a baking process at 760 to 780 degree Celsius.

Once the baking process is done, the printed patterns/graphics possess the same advantages as a single-colored enamel finish. Artwork vitreous enamel panels are colorfast even though we put them under sunlight for decades. They are chemical resistant although at seacoast or under environments with acid and alkali. Furthermore, they are hard-wearing and they can resist incautious scratches or abrasions from sharp metals. Therefore, graphic printings on VE panels always have extreme durability and have a fabulous lifespan.

The above video shows you our artwork vitreous enamel panels in the stations of Downtown Line of Singapore MRT. Moreover, you can visit the stations listed below and enjoy their beauties in person when you are there next time.

We will be glad to share with you more about our artwork/graphic VE panel experience. So, kindly feel free to contact us anytime for further discussion.

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About the Author

Allen Huang Managing Director at TECO, the Leading Manufacturer of Vitreous Enamel Panels for Wall Cladding.