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Faux stone panels for facades

Faux stone vitreous enamel panels are safer, more durable, and more cost effective than natural stone panels for facades!

Hi, News often reports that natural stone facade panels fall and injure people. In addition, the cost of decorative stone cladding is expensive. However, the good news is that you can have a better alternative material to help you complete your project with a safer, more durable, and cost-effective material: faux stone vitreous enamel panels. Here are […]

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Vitreous Enamel Panel and Artworks in Newton Station

TECO VE Panels and Artwork in Newton Station, Singapore

  After Promenade Station, TECO has successfully completed another Singapore Metro Downtown Line project, Newton station, which was opened for operation on 27 December 2015. TECO supplied not only the Vitreous Enamel Panels but also the Enamel Artwork Panels in this project. The artwork draws inspiration from Singapore and Newton heritage, featuring the imagined landscape of […]

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TECO Enamel Panel as Artwork Wall-Cladding Material

TECO Artwork Enamel Panels in New Singapore Metro

  Singapore Metro Downtown Line has opened for service since 22 Dec 2013. Visit the link below and you can read the article posted on THE STRAITS TIMES presenting the new stations and attractive artworks to the public. Please refer to the paragraph introducing about the artwork “EARTHCAKE” in Promenade Station where you can […]

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Signage in Spain

TECO Vitreous Enamel Sign in Spain

TECO supplied vitreous enamel signs to Spain for important sites excavated in the middle of last centry. TECO enamel signs are particularly suitable where the application requires very durable (up to 50 year life) non-fading sign. The applications of vitreous enamel signs are as below: Metro Sign Rail Sign Traffic Sign Way Finding Sign Interpretive Sign Benifits […]

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