TECO Vitreous Enamel Sign in Spain

Enamel Signage

TECO Enamel Sign in Spain

TECO supplied vitreous enamel signs to Spain for important sites excavated in the middle of last centry.

TECO enamel signs are particularly suitable where the application requires very durable (up to 50 year life) non-fading sign.

The applications of vitreous enamel signs are as below:

  • Metro Sign
  • Rail Sign
  • Traffic Sign
  • Way Finding Sign
  • Interpretive Sign

Benifits of vitreous enamel signs are as following:

  • Long-life – Vitreous Enamel signage can look as good as new for forty years or more.
  • Colourfast – Vitreous Enamel signs will not fade.
  • Vandal resistance – Vitreous Enamel signs are graffiti and impact resilient.
  • Low maintenance – Vitreous Enamel signs are exceptionally hard wearing.
  • Environmental resistance – Vitreous Enamel signs are ideal for corrosive, industrial or severe atmospheres.
  • Fire retardant – Vitreous Enamel specified for all below ground Underground applications.

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About the Author

Allen Huang Managing Director at TECO, the Leading Manufacturer of Vitreous Enamel Panels for Wall Cladding.

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