Enamel Panel as curtain wall of KTI building — Tokyo

TECO VE Panel as curtain wall of Kawada Technologies Inc. building. -- Tokyo Japan

TECO Enamel Panel as the curtain wall cladding of KAWADA group building in Tokyo Japan

TECO supplied vitreous enamel panels to a building refurbishment project in Tokyo Japan. TECO VE panels were installed as the curtain wall of the headquarters building of Kawada Technologies Inc., which has dedicated to provide urban infrastructure all over the world since 1922.

Unlike most buildings which clad with single and plain color curtain wall panels, KTI chose enamel panels with silkscreen patterns for their new building appearance. The patterns come with KTI logo and blue and white strips with different dimensions. These distinguished motifs easily draw most people’s attentions while passing by the building.

TECO enamel silkscreen patterns can remain quality and colors unchanged for more than 50 years even they always expose to ultraviolet rays or harsh climate. Undoubtedly, enamel silkscreen can provide the most durable patterns for unique building appearance.

About the Author

Allen Huang Managing Director at TECO, the Leading Manufacturer of Vitreous Enamel Panels for Wall Cladding.

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