Advantages of Imitation Vitreous Enamel Granite Panel

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From the previous blog posts, I believe you’ve already learned a lot about VE panels. In this post, I would like to show you something different — Imitation Vitreous Enamel Granite Panel.

Imitation VE Granite Panel has all the same advantages as solid color panel. i.e. excellent durability, chemical resistance, sunlight resistance, etc. (Please refer to our “Features” page for more details.)

More than that, Imitation VE Granite Panel also brings fantastic advantages as below to your projects.

  • Over 90% of similarity. Both texture and pattern of it are very close to real granite.
  • 50 years no fading guarantee.
  • Much less heavy than real granite.
  • Won’t crack. Hence, it’s safer.
  • It’s much more cost effective than real granite especially when it goes to irregular-shape.



Wow! From the picture above, it’s hardly to tell which one is real and which one is imitated, isn’t it?

Want to see more? Please click here to check out more of TECO VE granite panels.

About the Author

Allen Huang Managing Director at TECO, the Leading Manufacturer of Vitreous Enamel Panels for Wall Cladding.

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