Metro | Railway Station – Enamel Panels

Porcelain enamel cladding panels for Metro and Railway stations

TECO has extensive experience in the manufacture of porcelain enamel cladding panels for underground mass transit railway and metro systems. We’ve supplied plenty of them with outstanding qualities and performances in many countries. They can be formed into many shapes such as curvilinear shapes, simple curves, perforations, L or U shapes, and even embossed surfaces. They can also be adaptable to wall openings and varying site conditions.

Moreover, the lightweight and fixing systems advantages make them easier to be installed and replaced without disturbing the adjacent ones. The porcelain enamel coating has a hard surface that provides resistance to scratches, stains, and all forms of graffiti.  In conclusion, porcelain enamel cladding panels are the most ideal materials for highly trafficked public infrastructure applications like Metro and Railway.