It’s TECO’s 30th anniversary! We went to Taiwan’s highest peak, Mt. Jade, to celebrate it!

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Hi there,

We are happy to inform you that TECO is 30 years old now. In order to celebrate this special day, we went to Taiwan’s highest peak, Mt. Jade (aka Yu Shan), a few days ago and reached its top at 3,952m (12,966ft) above sea level.

Mt. Jade is symbolic of Taiwan and the name “TECO” is the abbreviation of Taiwan Enamelware Co., Ltd. We are proud to be a business from Taiwan and to be named after it. Mt. Jade has not only the highest peak in Taiwan but also the highest one in Northeast Asia. Reaching its peak on the day of TECO’s 30th anniversary reminded all of us to always keep our business philosophy in mind. i.e. “Always bring the highest expertise, the highest quality, and the highest service to our customers”. By doing so, we expect TECO can be the one who assists you to reach the peak of your business as well.

Here, let me show you some of the photos and a video we took from this beautiful mountain and how we enjoyed the days over there!

About the Author

Allen Huang Managing Director at TECO, the Leading Manufacturer of Vitreous Enamel Panels for Wall Cladding.