The Advantages of TECO Enamel Products

Vitreous enamel products, a.k.a. porcelain enamel products, are extremely durable, safe, and eco-friendly. We are happy to share the video and introduction below for you to learn about the advantages of vitreous enamel products made by TECO factory.


Tough. Durable. Versatile.

Vitreous enamel products are resistant to chemical attack, and abrasion as well as more durable than any other architectural cladding or industrial coating. Their versatility enables custom designs of flexible shapes and dimensions, the use of graphics and logos as well as a virtually unlimited color range. 

Fire Resistance

VE panels are totally non-combustible. They will neither ignite nor burn and will, depending on the whole system design and the nature of the backing materials, provide fire ratings of a minimum of two hours. Higher fire ratings can be achieved.


Porcelain enamel on steel used for exterior surfaces is unaffected by sun, rain, snow, dust, or industrial atmospheres. The color is permanent and will not oxidize, fade peel, or blister. Shades of red, orange, and yellow, usually the most fugitive in the color spectrum, are unaffected by the sun. It provides a permanent lifetime finish in an unusually broad spectrum of colors and hues. Pigments used are primarily inorganic compounds fused into the glass matrix and are extremely stable during aging.

Graffiti Resistant

VE surfaces resist graffiti, scratches, and stains. The panel color and images will not fade with age. Consider installing panels in high traffic areas such as metro stations, airport terminals, and roadway tunnels. VE panels can also enhance the space aesthetically while defending against vandalism.

Environmental Safety

The production of VE products is an environmentally friendly process that does not involve harmful substances. They are made from non-toxic materials including glass and steel. Materials are not harmful to the environment and are recyclable. The VE coating increases the lifespan of the original steel many times thereby reducing waste and the number of times the steel needs to be reprocessed. VE products release no toxic fumes.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Vitreous enamel panel is very low maintenance. The surface is completely impervious to contaminants, extremely smooth, and extremely low static, preventing dust adhesion and resulting in only minimal cleaning requirements.

High Chemical Resistance

Porcelain enamel products are resistant to acid, alkali, organic chemicals, and salt solutions. Products with porcelain enamel coatings ensure they always remain new-like appearances and have much longer lifespans than other materials.

High Resistance to Scratch and Abrasion

Porcelain Enamel coatings provide excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. Its hardness on Mohs scale is 5 while the hardness of steel on Mohs scale is only 4. It is well resistant to most unintentional vandalism.


The resistance of vitreous enameled steel to impact and distortion under extreme conditions provides further significant safety advantages in applications such as tunnels and claddings in public areas. The high panel surface finish reflectivity and gloss level of vitreous enamel panels can maximize saving in lighting energy and bring a safer driving environment for car drivers in tunnels. For curtain wall application, vitreous enamel panels use steel substrate and this makes it never get cracked and fall to the ground to hurt humans.

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