TECO Enamel Panels Paving the Way for Singapore MRT Thomson-East Coast Line’s Success

Thomson-East Coast Line: Enamel Panels Witnessing the City's Future

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We're excited to share a dynamic update on TECO vitreous enamel panels’ contribution to the Singapore MRT Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). That is TECO supplied enamel panels to 21 metro stations, as those marked red stars in the map below, which not only elevates the stations' aesthetics but also redefines the project's visual landscape.

With our superior quality, TECO VE Panels seamlessly blend steel's durability with a glass-smooth coating. Hence, the panels not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure a comfortable environment for passengers during their transshipment. Not to mention other benefits they bring to the stations, such as remarkable color persistence and minimal maintenance requirements.

As Singapore's sixth MRT line, the fully underground TEL will serve 32 stations over 43 kilometers in length. Further, it will become one of the world's longest driverless rapid transit lines. Its development is divided into five phases, and each representing a crucial step in enhancing urban connectivity.

Commencing with phase one on January 31, 2020, from Woodlands North Station to Woodlands South Station, TEL's journey began. Following, phase two is from Springleaf Station to Caldecott Station, which opened on August 28, 2021. The third phase, from Mount Pleasant Station to Gardens by the Bay Station, opened on November 13, 2022. These subsequent phases expand TEL's reach and enrich the city's transportation network.

Anticipated to operate between 2024 and 2025, phases four (Tanjong Rhu Station to Bayshore Station) and five (Bedok South Station to Sungei Bedok Station) will further expand TEL's coverage, benefiting more residents and visitors.

TECO VE Panel Photos

Then, get ready to immerse yourself in achievement photos to demonstrate the remarkable performance of TECO Enamel Panels in TEL's construction. We warmly invite you to witness the lasting impact these panels bring to Singapore's urban landscape during your visit.

We are so honored to have been part of the Thomson-East Coast Line project. This endeavor surely not only showcases the exceptional value of enamel panels in modern construction but also embodies our professional spirit. TEL obviously will bring more convenience to the city, and we take pride in our involvement, eagerly anticipating its radiant future simultaneously.

If you have any inquiries regarding our enamel panels or wish to gather further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Let's join forces in partnership to shape a more promising tomorrow!

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