Performance Characteristics of Enamel Panels

Enamel Panel is Abrasion ResistantEnamel Panel is Fire ProofEnamel Panel is Anti-GraffitiEnamel Panel is Impact Resistant


Enamel panels (aka vitreous enamel panels, VE panels, porcelain enamel panels, or vitrified steel panels) are extremely durable and need very little maintenance and cleaning. Exposure to extreme weather conditions and coastal environments does not affect their performance or appearance. Therefore, they always retain their original color and bright finish throughout the normal expected life of the building.

Resistance to Abrasion

Vitreous enamel panels are extremely hard-wearing, withstanding many abrasive materials. Besides, they are scratch resistant as enamel coatings can achieve Moh hardness scale 5.

Fire Proof

VE panels are totally non-combustible. They will neither ignite nor burn and will, depending on the design and the nature of the backing materials, provide fire ratings of a minimum of two hours. Higher fire ratings can be achieved.


TECO VE panels are ideal for use in public areas where unwanted graffiti and spray paints can be readily removed. You can click here to see more information about how to remove unwanted graffiti. 

Resistance to Sunlight

VE panels are resistant to ultraviolet light. Individual colors and finishes will not deteriorate under continuous exposure to sunlight.

Chemical Resistance

Porcelain enamel panels are resistant to all organic solvents. They have excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution, corrosion, and attack by the great majority of chemicals. Moreover, they will not get rusted and they are 100% water resistant.

Thermal Shock Resistance

Vitrified steel panels can withstand rapid cooling by water spray from 400℃ to normal room temperatures over a 30 second period.


TECO VE panels are sterile, germ-free, odourless and easy to clean. Combined with their other characteristics and a smooth color-fast surface, TECO VE panels provide fabulous visual appearance.


TECO VE panels can be made in various shapes, sizes and configurations according to your specific design requirements.

Graphics & Signage

Logos, names, and selected graphics can be fired onto TECO porcelain enamel panels – these will have the same characteristics mentioned above and will maintain their appearance throughout their life. Please click here to find some of the graphics & signage projects done by TECO.

Performance Comparison

Panel Type

(Coating Type)

VE Panel

(Enamel Coating)

Aluminium Panel

(Flurocarbon Coating)

Painted Steel

(Powder Coating)


(Frit Coating)

Color Fast (Durability)

30 year+ Color fades after

10 years

Color fades after

3 years

20 year+

Chemical Resistant

Yes No No Tile: Yes. Grout: No.
Abrasion Resistant Yes No No Yes
Fire Rated Yes No No Yes
Graffiti Resistant Yes No No Tile: Yes. Grout: No.
Ultraviolet Light Resistant Yes No No Yes, but grout will deteriorate


Color Range of Enamel Panels

The color range of TECO vitreous steel panels is virtually unlimited. TECO has a good selection of vitreous enamel panels in a variety of colors. In addition to the colors shown in our catalog, TECO vitreous enamel panels can be custom-made to the shades and tones specified by the color code provided by customers. You can hover your mouse over the below colour chart or tap on mobile for the available color codes we can match.

Enamel Panel Color ChartColor Matching for Enamel Panel

Finish and Textures of Enamel Panels

TECO VE panels can be flat finish or with embossed texture design. Besides, the finish can come with different gloss levels. In addition to monochromatic products, TECO also supplies panels with simulated granite or marble vein as well as graphic VE panels.

Enamel Panel Textures Image