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These are the four major enamel products that TECO (Taiwan Enamelware Co., Ltd.) supplies to our customers.

Established in 1989, TECO has been a leading manufacturer of vitreous enamel panel, aka VE panel or porcelain enamel panel, for more than 25 years. We specialize in fabricating enamel wall cladding panels with the best quality for architectural and civil engineering projects around the world.

TECO is an ISO 9001 registered company. As per our quality control system, all raw materials are carefully selected and inspected, and each piece of our products needs to pass our quality inspection procedures before delivery so it ensures that all TECO enamel coating products 100% meet or exceed our customer’s specification requirement.

TECO enamel coating products possesses both the good strength of steel and the splendor of vitreous enamel. With the characteristics of resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and extreme weather conditions, TECO vitreous enamel panel is your best choice as the wall cladding material of buildings, tunnels, metro and railway stations.

Besides Vitreous Enamel Panel, TECO surpasses for customers in another three enamel product categories:

Enamel Graphics – TECO vitreous enamel graphic panel possesses exactly the same advantages as vitreous enamel panel. It is important to mention that ultraviolet rays do not affect enamel colors neither the gloss of the surface. Hence, our enamel graphic panel is extraordinarily durable and its colors are expected to outlast a normal building life.

Enamel Sign – TECO offers a wide range of bespoke vitreous enamel sign from door number plate, traffic/street sign, metro/railway station sign, wayfinding and interpretation panel.

Enamel Bathtub – Even with a daily use, TECO vitreous enamel steel bathtub remains its smoothness and brightness. Due to the resistance properties to corrosion, chemicals as well as to scratches and abrasion, the life cycle of TECO vitreous enamel steel bathtub is much longer than other bathtubs made by different materials.


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